The Episodes

Season One will consist of six, short-form episodes, the first four of which started shooting in Feb. 2020, (prior to the COVID-19 lockdown).  We're now ramping up production for episode two in April 2021 and will continue throughout the year. 

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In post-production
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Written by - Chris Pickenpaugh

Directed by - Daniel Myrick

Produced by - Daniel Myrick, Doug Fox, Kristian Krempel

At a Southern art exhibit, Josette McCallum discovers a photo seemingly taken from a horrific memory she had long suppressed. Soon, she is stricken with an ailment and nightmarish visions. She seeks out the photographer to solve this mystery and its unnatural affliction.


In prep


Written/Directed by - Tom McLoughlin

Produced by - Daniel Myrick, Doug Fox, Kristian Krempel

An East Coast liberal college grad is in denial of her deep-seeded racism.  On a long drive from New York to Florida, she spends the night at The Hanging Tree Inn. This 1870s southern gothic house is cared for by wise, elderly black gentleman who she doesn’t trust. Showing her the 150 year old oak tree, the inn’s namesake, she harshly confronts him with trying to push the ‘guilty white person’ button. For the rest of the night her no longer covert racism is confronted by the grotesque occurrences on The Hanging Tree.  Having witnessed what pure hate for no reason can do, she’s given the chance to change her heart. But even the dead can’t change her. So she’s chosen her fate.


Episode Three - WISTERIA

Written/Directed by - Chris Pickenpaugh

Produced by - Daniel Myrick, Doug Fox, Kristian Krempel

Morgue worker Fenton Boyd preps an abandoned, dead toddler for morning cremation -- until he glimpses a flash sign of life. At his wife’s behest, he abducts the body. The intent: to resurrect and claim the child as their own. A long night's journey into misery, madness, and lost souls.

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Written/Directed by - Danny McBride and Alex Popov

Produced by - Daniel Myrick, Doug Fox, Kristian Krempel

A string of mysterious deaths at a Florida nursing home prompts Claudette Dubois, a troubled young employee, to dig into the shadowy past of the facility and its owner. Along the way she unearths a disturbing, preternatural secret stretching back centuries.